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Affinity Studios j2me java symbian games developer
Monkey In Space

"Monkey In Space - Mission To Mars" is a mobile phone game available for the Nokia 7650, 7210, Sharp GX10 and Motorola T720.

mobile phone download game j2me 7650 7210 6610 GX10 T720


Monkey is tired of people thinking he just eats bananas. He will show them! He will be the first Monkey to get to Mars. First he has to get out of the jungle and avoid the giant flies.

You control Monkey in a rocketship, on a mission in space. Monkey has to negotiate through jungle, asteroids and Mars craters.

Try to reach the end of each level before the time runs out. Each of the four levels is challenging and fun. Use the 2 and 8 keys to move up and down. Use 4 and 6 to move left and right. The 5 key turns on the ships shield which will defend against enemy collisions. Collect power-ups to gain extra lives and shields.

Affinity Studios j2me java symbian games developer